In sixth grade, students can look forward to creating, imagining, working together, praying, and exploring. In a safe and lively learning environment, students can uncover and share the gifts they bring to the Villa Academy community. The following list of questions are samples of how we may guide our classroom projects and learning:

  • How can we use knowledge and creativity to solve complex real-world problems?
  • What are effective ways to communicate clearly to a range of audiences and for a variety of purposes?
  • How can we use leadership and teamwork to demonstrate academic and social successes?
  • How can we use multimedia responsibly to communicate ideas effectively?
  • How will we understand and apply the principles of Catholic Social Teaching?
  • How can we view mistakes as learning opportunities?
  • What are ways to foster integrity, honesty, compassion, empathy, and respect?

It will be a fantastic year!

I love teaching middle school. It’s the best job in the world! The hearts of my students are huge, their smiles are welcoming and their optimism is unparalleled.  I have been teaching at Villa for thirty-nine years. Prior to my teaching in Seattle, I taught eight years for DODSEUR in Germany and Turkey. I have an MA in Counseling and Guidance and an MA of Ed. in Instructional Technology.

Outside of school, my interests are many, but family, traveling and photography are at the top.  I have four granddaughters and enjoy hosting “Camp Nana” as often as possible. The old Nikon is never far away; I love documenting time with family and friends, as well as new places that I have an opportunity to visit.